9 Quick Tips To Clean And Maintain Your Steering Wheel

9 Quick Tips To Clean And Maintain Your Steering Wheel


Are you one of those who likes to keep your car shiny and looking brand-new? Then this infographic is perfect for you. Even if you are not obsessed with cleanliness, read on to learn some very essential information about your carWhen you clean your car, most often, your steering wheel gets neglected. The dirt and grime keep on accumulating, and the sun’s rays on it cause severe damage. This not only drives up your expenses, but also a source of germs to which you are in direct contact.

The good news is that keeping your steering wheel clean and germ-free is quite easy. Here are some great tips on how you can take care of and maintain your steering wheel.


#1. Remove The Dirt

This is as easy as it sounds. Keep a small clean cloth always handy in your glove compartment. Whenever you are taking the car out, take a minute to wipe the dirt and grime off the steering wheel.

#2. Clean The Leather

At least once a week, try to clean the leather on your steering wheel. When you have rubbed the dirt off, take a moist cloth with some leather cleaner and wipe the leather. Gently rub the leather using the cleaner.

Then rinse the cloth with some water and wipe the leather again. Finally wipe it dry with a soft towel.

#3. Use Leather Conditioner

Always use a leather conditioner after cleaning the leather. Gently massage the conditioner into the leather with your hands and leave it to dry for 30 minutes. Then use a towel to wipe off the excess conditioner.

#4. Use Quick Wipes

For greater convenience, you can buy quick wipes and keep them in your car. These are already packaged with cleaner and conditioner, and hence easy to use.

#5. Make A Habit Of Daily Cleaning

Make it a habit to wipe off the dirt and grime from your steering wheel every time before you drive. This prevents the dirt from accumulating so a deep cleaning is relatively easier. It also keeps the wheel germ-free.

#6. Wipe Off Excess Conditioner

If you are using a leather conditioner but do not have time to allow it to dry, wipe it off. Use a clean towel to wipe off the excess conditioner. This is crucial as it can make the steering wheel slippery which is dangerous on the road.

#7. Cleaning Hard Plastic

For a hard plastic steering wheel, use soap and water to clean and then dry it with a clean towel.

#8. Cleaning Natural Wood

Do not use soap or water on natural wood steering wheels. Just wipe it clean using a dry cloth and then apply some wood polish.

#9. Cleaning Synthetic Resin

Never use any polish on this type of steering wheels. These don’t come off easily and makes the steering wheel slippery. Use soap and water to clean such steering wheels and wipe with a clean cloth.

These simple steps will help you keep your steering wheel clean with very less effort. Since your hands are in contact with it, make it a habit to do a basic cleaning often. This will prolong the life of your steering wheel and also keep it hygienic. Check out this infographic for some more details.


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