5 Hole Chrome Big Rig Hub Adapter


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Don't know which hub adapter to use? Click the vehicle adapter search button on the top navigation bar.

Compatible with any of our 18 inch wheels. 

If you are purchasing a 14 or 15 inch wheel you will need a T5-56 conversion plate with the big rig adapter. 

Customer Reviews

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18" all black steering wheel

Looks good and Fits good!

Skip Lynch
Fit like a charm

Great deal fit like a charm

Gene Pires
Big rig wheel

Great product! Very happy with it looks great. Only issues was no screws for the half wrap. Luckily Lowe’s around the corner had some

Fits great

Fit my 2015 Kenworth T270 perfect. One complaint though is there were no install instructions. So I didn't catch which side to put the turn signal canceller the 1st time (my oem was broke off) and had the pull it back off. Which wasn't a big deal of coarse but they used metric treads in the hub at a different spacing than oem did, so I needed to tweak my puller a bit. Also the horn contact ring did make contact with the pin but not until the hub was fully tight. Kind of thought it should touch sooner since it is spring loaded. Hopefully it stays touching. You'll want to add a bit of electric grease to the ring too. Which again was not something they bothered to include in the box. Overall very happy here just mildly annoyed with lack of info.
Also a couple of suggestions for the machinists, the center hole for the shaft nut could be bigger as I had to find a thinner wall socket to fit and add a small hole or something to attach the horn ground wire to.

Ricky Yates

Adapter works as advertised!

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