15" Deep - Dark Euro (3 Hole)

519BA-DWA, HC3

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Expected APRIL 2021

Match this wheel to our hub adapter.

This wood aftermarket steering wheel features a classic design most popular in the muscle cars of the 60's. The original wheels were made of plastic with a wood pattern finish, but our full grip wood wheel features decorative rivets and is coated with urethane for a lasting finish.


  • Backside finger indentation for a comfortable grip
  • Brushed Aluminum Spokes
  • Decorative rivets
  • 14.75" diameter
  • 4" dish depth
  • Universal 3 Hole Bolt Pattern
  • Comes with standard horn button and components necessary for horn functionality (does not include 3-bolt adapter necessary to install onto your vehicle - please purchase under our adapters section).


  • Steering Wheel
  • Horn Button
  • Vehicle Adapter

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Cary Lazzo

Absolutely finished the truck off

Sick Mick
Not Bad For The Price

Not too bad a wheel for the price. However, if you're picky and after something quality, look elsewhere. On my wheel the rivets are all seated at different depths, some so deep that you can see the cheap unstained light colored wood where the rivets pierced deep through the wood. They weren't too careful with the stain either, there was a nice glob on the end of each of the spokes where they met the wheel. The metal edges were so sharp I actually cut my thumb getting it out of the package. If some finishing isn't done, somebody could easily slice a finger wide open driving down the road. So look at this one as a wheel you're going to have to do all the finishing yourself.

All that said, it's a $150 steering wheel. I guess my expectations were maybe too high. I'll definitely look for something different next time.

Austin Hudson
Not sure

Still have not received steering wheel!

Josh Ulmer
Beautiful wheel bad horn mechanism

Horn doesn't work

Thomas R Walters

High quality
As advertised
Looks great

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