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18" 4 Spoke Banjo - Dark


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Match this wheel to our big rig hub adapter.


  • Backside finger indentation for a comfortable grip
  • Chrome spokes
  • Real wood grip
  • 18" diameter
  • 1.75" dish depth
  • 5 hole wheel bolt
  • Included horn button


  • Steering Wheel
  • Horn Button
  • Vehicle Hub Adapter

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Spectacular looking wheel

I ordered this wheel for a 1959 pickup truck. The original wheel was 18" and had been replaced by an ugly 15" wheel at some point in the past. I wanted to go back to 18" wheel and only the big rig wheels are that size. So, I got the GM adapter. It matches up with the bolt pattern on the steering wheel, although the bolt holes in the wheel are larger than the GM adapter threaded bolt holes. It should bolt right up, though.

On the web page, the steering wheel looked pretty good. Something I figured I could live with and would be less ugly than the current wheel. The pictures make the wood trim look to be uniform brown plastic, but I figured I'd cover it in leather, so no problem. I guessed the chrome would be kinda crappy and overall thought the wheel would be pretty lightweight and hollow for the price. It came in today and I was really surprised by it. The thing is massive. It's heavy. The chrome looks good. The wood trim has a nice grain pattern to it and doesn't look like a uniform chunk of plastic. I'm pretty sure the wood trim is plastic, but it looks good enough that I'm rethinking the leather wrap. So, it vastly exceeded my expectations, albeit my expectations weren't very high.

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