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14" Chrome Nostalgia - Mahogany


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Match this wheel to our hub adapter.

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This unique steering wheel design is specifically inspired by classic wheel styles from the past to create a proud automotive heritage. This wheel is also customizable with any half-wrap colors of your choice, in order to match your vehicle style. The back side of the wheel features a machined smooth and comfortable finger indentation for grip.

You will need the following 4 items to install your steering wheel to the vehicle:

  • 14" Nostalgia Half Wrap Chrome Steering Wheel
  • Half Wrap Color of your Choice
  • Horn Button
  • 9-hole adapter

This wheel is made from high quality billet aluminum hand polished to a semi-mirror finish.


  • Diameter: 14"
  • Dish Depth: Approx 2"
  • 9 hole wheel bolt measurement (hole-to-hole): Approx 1.4"

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